Saturday, July 9, 2016

Davis Turns 6

On the last day that he was 5 years old, we took Davis to our new pediatrician for his 6 year checkup. Considering that three years ago this was the kid who screamed bloody murder anytime he was laid on an examination table or anytime a doctor tried to touch his ears, we have come a long, long way! Dr. Cheas got to meet a very sweet, happy boy who cooperated throughout his whole exam and who talked up a blue streak and asked questions the whole time. The poor doctor could hardly get a word in edgewise.

He weighed in at 36.8 pounds which is a gain of 2.5 pounds since last year. He's still only in the 4th percentile for weight though. He measured in at 43.25 inches which is a gain of 2 inches since last year. That puts Davis in the 15th percentile for height. He also passed his vision test (using the letters this time) and his hemoglobin tests with flying colors. Davis was super excited to find out that he was all caught up on shots and didn't need anything!! The doctor - who is half Chinese himself - diagnosed the dry skin on Davis' legs not as eczema but rather as something called ichthyosis vulgaris. The treatment is the same but this is apparently an inherited condition. We're told that Davis' case is pretty mild which seems to indicate he only got the recessive gene for this from one of his biological parents.

Turning 6 for Davis has been a big deal. It started on his actual birthday with his first family present as soon as he woke up. Then afterwards when we went to camp to pickup Parker, all the camp counselors we ran across gave him high-fives and hugs and wished him a Happy Birthday! 

The birthday boy informed us that we could NO longer call him a "baby" because now he is officially a "big boy." When we tried to explain that since he was our youngest child that Davis would always be our baby, he was less than thrilled. He SO wants to be a big boy!

All week long, he waited with great anticipation counting down "the sleeps" until this Saturday and his family birthday party. He woke up before 8am this morning, got completely dressed including socks and shoes and came to wake up Baba and I. Because he was ready to get in the car right then and head to Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house for his bulldozer cake and more presents.

He was super duper blessed in the present department. He got his own Spiderman tooth fairy pillow, more bath toys, lots of supplies for coloring, legos, a stuffed Chewbacca and some Batman toys. Some toys just couldn't wait until he got home to be played with - good thing Grandmommy loaned him her bathtub!

When you're up super early and you play hard with your cousins and your toys, you end up sleeping on the way home. Chewie is wearing a paper Spiderman birthday hat! Seems like a pretty good way to celebrate finally turning 6 and being considered a "big boy!" 

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