Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Typical" Tuesday

There's really nothing "typical" about any day around here! With a church this size there's always something unique happening. Yesterday we got to vote and of course our church Family Life Center is the voting precinct for our neighborhood. It's also the first time we ever got to vote for a church member for anything in an election - we have someone who is running for school board. 

This was Wesley and Davis at After School Adventures. Their new coordinator Hanna (in the green shirt) got engaged over the weekend and the kids had varying reactions! 

After picking up kids, we ran back to the elementary school to sign Davis up for Cub Scouts. All three of our boys will finally be in Scouts next year. And then we were invited to go up to Leesburg Regional Medical Center to meet with a family. Mrs Quinn who is one of Wesley's third grade teachers had a baby boy yesterday - they're part of our church and camp families too. The boys weren't allowed to go back but they sat patiently in the waiting room because they knew it was important. They got a few sneak peeks in pictures. It was a super fun whirlwind kind of day. 

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