Monday, September 12, 2016

Friends, Fun and Fire

Over the weekend we were blessed to have the Wright family come down from Jacksonville to spend time together again. Everyone was duly impressed with the new backyard and Miss Izzy had a lot of fun running around out there with Bella. 

Feeding Bella a treat.

We grilled almost 10 pounds of pork spareribs for the weekend (they were BOGO at the store!) and used the new grill for the experience.

Izzy is going through a phase where she isn't too crazy about adults that aren't her parents. So Aunt Debbie had to bribe her with a little chocolate ice cream for some snuggle time! 

We had our first fire in the fire pit too.

Here's Uncle Daryl doing fist bumps with Miss Izzy.

It's always a wonderful thing when our two families can get together, to catch up and to laugh and relax. Good times! 

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