Monday, September 19, 2016

Soccer Time

A family in our church blessed us the other day with the gift of Orlando City Soccer tickets! They are season ticket holders and haven't been able to make it lately. So they offered us the chance to see the last three remaining home games over the next month!!! The first of these games was last Saturday night. Daryl couldn't go because he was preaching the next day, so he kept Davis at home for some special "Baba and son" time. I took Parker and Wesley and they were each able to invite one friend to go along - they both picked kids from church. They were all so excited and so incredibly well-behaved - we had a great time hanging out together, even though the Orlando City team lost. 

The view from our gifted seats - there is NO zoom on this camera angle! 

Everyone got a free sling bag on the way in and the boys all bought matching hats as souvenirs! 

This was the boys all night long - on the edge of their seats, or jumping up to yell! No one sat back the entire game! 

Making memories with your friends...priceless! 

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