Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Sea of Orange

The pumpkins have arrived - 9am on Monday morning this week at church. Thankfully Lake County schools had a teacher workday so we had lots of kids and youth to help unload. We typically get about 800 pumpkins and this year since we were the last load on the truck, we received 1,600 pumpkins!!!!


And after!!!!!

One of our church members took this great time-lapse video of all of us unloading pumpkins in the patch! 

Davis and his friend Eli had fun helping remove the rotten pumpkins to the dumpster, with a little help from Mr. Glenn. Later they helped unpack the small gourds. 

And some of the grownups turned pumpkin carrying into a little bit of a competition. We had a really great time getting the patch ready and open for business!!! 

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