Monday, November 28, 2016

Birthday Boys

We celebrated the birthday boys on Saturday in Seffner - Wesley turns 9 on the 28th and Daryl turns 43 on the 29th. Grandmommy made some great cakes. A Florida Gator cake for Wesley and a giant Reese' Cup Cake for Daryl! 

Wesley was excited with all of his presents: Amazon gift card, Nerf gun, Star Wars Legos, remote control car, Pokemon cards, and new KD Nike shoes. 

It's amazing how much smaller the grownup pile of presents is when just about everything is an Amazon gift card! Plus Daryl got a Bucs coffee mug and when his new Bucs jersey finishes taking the scenic route around Florida with Fedex, he'll have one of those too! 

And of course, birthday weekend always falls on Rivalry Saturday! This is a family divided! 

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