Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Random Fall and Halloween Fun

The two little boys had a Halloween party at Cub Scouts and went dressed as Batman and Cyberman (from Dr. Who). 

Davis had a field trip with his first grade class from school to the Pumpkin Patch and got to watch Miss Sharon carve a pumpkin. 

Wesley carved this pumpkin all by himself = the eyes are F and G for the Florida Gators!!

He also made this one with a special kit - BB-8 from the new Star Wars movie. 

This is the pumpkin Davis painted and decorated at camp. 

Parker carved this bottom one himself and decided to use Davis' tiny pumpkin as a lid. 

The boys usually wait for us in the narthex after worship, but for the last couple of Sundays we find them out in the Pumpkin Patch after worship, hanging out.  

And this was our family of superheroes at Community's Trunk or Treat on Halloween evening!!

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