Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dental Surgery for Davis

This guy had extensive dental surgery last Thursday. All of the problems were related to his cleft condition. Davis still sees Dr. Ron Rosanski in Ocala, who works in conjunction with the Craniofacial team at Shands in Gainesville. One day a month, the pediatric anasthesiologist comes to Dr. Ron's office to do surgeries. Here we are just after checkin, waiting our turn. 

Davis was scheduled for 5 extractions and 2 crowns. He ended up with 4 extractions, 4 crowns and 4 fillings. He did remarkably well with the surgery. After an initial period of fussiness when he first woke up from surgery, he was a pretty good patient as he recuperated at home on Thursday and Friday. He's had very little pain and is back to eating all regular foods now, which he appreciates. Even chocolate pudding can get old when it's about all you can eat! 

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