Friday, April 28, 2017

Field Trip to..... Ocala!

We made a field trip visit today that completed the trifecta for our family - Parker and Wesley both visited Silver Springs State Park and the Silver River Museum in first grade. When we moved to Fruitland Park, we figured Davis would miss that opportunity. And then a flier came home this year to visit there on a first grade field trip with Davis. Daryl and I both signed up to chaperone. 

The field trip started with a visit to the old Silver Springs Theme park that is now part of the State Park. We went to ride the world-famous glass bottom boats. We got to see several of the beautiful springs that feed the river and the remains of some very old boats along the bottom; plus fish, turtles, birds and an alligator! 

Then it was time for lunch by the museum. Davis LOVED his pizza punchable. This is a rare treat. 

We visited the outside village first. Heading back in time to the late 1800s to see how people lived. The kids were fascinated and very surprised by this little re-created village. 



Blacksmith shop

Water pump

One room schoolhouse

The animals and exhibits in the museum were a huge hit with Davis and all of the kids. 

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