Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day started out very nicely - Wesley and Davis had cards and gifts from school that they gave me as soon as they woke up. 

Davis' coupons included one for "being quiet for 30 minutes." We may make copies of that one!
After a wonderful morning of worship, we went down to Seffner for a great lunch made by Dawn and Daniel and their kids. After lunch, there were naps! And then the kids handed out presents. 

My guys got me a beautiful new summery wreath for the front door and some great tea! 

Grandmommy and Davis playing paper basketball. 

Joyce and her boys 

Me with my boys. 

After we got home, I went for a run with Bella and then Daryl and I sat down to watch the Mother's Day movie that came out last year - it was a great way to finish up the day! So blessed!

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