Saturday, June 24, 2017

Four Year Family Day

It's been four years since we walked into an office building in China as a family of four and came out as a family of five. So hard to believe that Davis has been home that long. We are so thankful for him and for how he completes our family. Here are some of our favorite pictures of that first day. 

And here's the wonderful crew of family and friends waiting to greet us upon our return from China on July 5, 2013. Davis wasn't quite sure what to make of all those people. 

And this is my all-time favorite picture of our three boys together, taken about six weeks after we returned home from China.

In this last year Davis finished first grade, got speech therapy at school twice a week, played basketball again, learned how to swim better, participated in Tigers in Cub Scouts, had dental surgery with several teeth removed and more capped, gained weight, grew some more inches, hiked mountains, rode some bigger roller coasters at Disney and so much more. He'll play kickball in town starting next week over the summer, go to Cub Scout day camp next month and in September he'll get another stamp in his passport when we go to Cuba as a family. We're so blessed to have a front row seat to everything he gets to learn and experience. Looking forward to many more years!

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