Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vacation - Hanging Out in the Sky and on Land

The resort has added a zipline tour back in the trees by the skiing area that they can use all year long. Daryl and the big boys headed off to do this on Monday morning. It was Parker and Wesley's first time zipping and they really enjoyed it and did amazing! 

Here's a couple of videos of Parker zipping. 

Here's a couple of videos of Wesley zipping. 

Meanwhile Davis and I hung out at the condo and then spent some time on the playground. 

The boys all got a chance to play on the athletic fields for a bit and then we headed back for lunch. 

They decided to explore the brook behind our condo in the afternoon and play a little football in the parking lot. 

Finally we headed up to the recreation area again to finish up the day with putt-putt and then some time in the pool! 

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