Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beach Time

We spent the last week in our favorite beach spot - Siesta Key. Back to the south tower of Crescent Arms we loved the great view of the beach from our room. 

We had a little bit of bad weather the first two days - including Tropical Storm Emily - but still managed to get outside both days, once to the pool and once to the beach. We also enjoyed a walk on the beach near the Village. 

We tried a new to us place for dinner one night - Siesta Key Oyster Bar. The boys liked the decor with money everywhere, and Parker ordered Shrimp Paella. Davis was so tired he fell asleep partway through his macaroni and cheese. 

We went shopping and bought a new tent for the beach that allowed us to stay down on the sand for practically all day which is where we spent pretty much the next four days. 

One of Davis' tadpole friends that he wanted to keep as a pet. 

We did get in some pool time too. Davis got a chance to practice his swimming and the big boys liked to have contests on how big of a splash they could make. We even had one memorable afternoon at the pool in the rain. 

We were all thrilled that Grandmommy and Granddaddy were able to come to visit one night for dinner and ice cream. 

It was a wonderful relaxing week in one of our favorite places. Hoping the good feelings hold up as we navigate getting everyone back to school in the next week.

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