Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Love Walk in Leesburg

On Tuesday night we took the family to downtown Leesburg to participate in the "Love Walk." Billed as a response to all of hate-filled, racist rallies that have been happening around the country lately, the Love Walk was organized the by the City of Leesburg Partnership (city government leaders and Leesburg church pastors). Hundreds of people showed up to walk a mile through downtown to the lawn of City Hall. 

Once at City Hall, Mayor Bob Bone and his wife kicked off the festivities. Several of the pastors spoke and also Parker's principal from Carver Middle School. There were quite a few teachers and administrators from the school there lending their support. 

Carver's principal, Mrs. Kinetrai Kelly-Truitt
Carver Middle School staff

There was music in addition to the speeches - a couple of worship bands from local churches and also this impromptu chorus. The whole experience was very moving. 

Here we are with our friends the Standifers! 
The event was covered by the local TV station and also by the Leesburg paper, the Daily Commercial. You can read the article on their website here. Look carefully at the main picture and you will see me and Daryl! 

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