Friday, August 25, 2017

This Week at Church

So our silence on the blog has been mostly because things have been busy as we work to get back into the school year routine at home. And there have been several exciting things at church. Last weekend we had 34 people attend our New Members Class - who will join this weekend! 

We also prayed over our Honduras Mission Trip team members. 

Then on Monday we hung around with the staff outside and stared at the sun! 

On Tuesday, Daryl got to see off the complete Honduras team - 28 people from our church and New Covenant United Methodist Church. 

On Wednesday, we were at the elementary school for the Bless Fruitland Park check presentation. Churches, businesses and individuals raised $15,000 for the school for this year and Community UMC donated $2,000 of that. And Daryl got to give the closing benediction too. 

With our Children's Minister Faye Umble, who participates on the Bless Fruitland Park board. 

A CUMC selfie: Us with Faye as well as member Sandi Moore representing the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce, and member Paige Simmons, who is a member of the school administration. 

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