Friday, November 3, 2017

Trunk or Treat

For Halloween we decorated our Trunk and participated in our third Trunk or Treat at Community UMC. We were Gator fans supporting our Gator football player this year. And Daryl even hooked up a TV and DVD player to show some of the National Championship games that we've won over the years. 

We had a lot of fun hanging out before things got started with some of our friends. Here's Davis with his buddy Eli as the Flash! 

The Cheshires were all dressed up as Rainbow Unicorns. Wesley even got to wear Cullen's unicorn outfit for a while. 

Davis with more of his friends - Maeve and Shya. 

Everyone looked great and there were so many wonderful Trunks (32 total) and great outfits from folks that made the evening very festive. 

We had some great volunteers handing out free hot dogs, drinks and snow cones! It was our biggest year yet - with 100 volunteers and about 1,500 people stopping by!!!! So thankful for everyone who made it a great success.

And our Pumpkin Patch sold out too on Halloween - it was a banner year benefiting camp scholarship funds. Many thanks to Serena this year's new Pumpkin Patch Coordinator!

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