Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Break - Tuesday

Tuesday was our EPCOT day. We got some great pictures in front of Spaceship Earth on the way in. 

The Flower and Garden Festival was in full swing and we got lots of great topiary pictures throughout the day all around the park. 

The Three Caballeros Ride in Mexico

Lunch at the boys' favorite revolving restaurant. 

We got to see Chip and Dale, as well as Mickey and Pluto. 

Family style dinner with fresh vegetables grown right there in The Land pavilion. 

And here's Mama's allergy free version of lunch. 

Davis so impressed our waitress with his eating that she gave us paper Fast Passes to see Turtle Talk with Crush. 

Part of the Living with The Land ride you can see from inside the restaurant. 

We did the Nemo ride before heading over to Turtle Talk and visiting the manatees too. 


Strolling around again we found some topiaries and an awesome butterfly tent. 

Heading back towards the World Showcase to tour the countries. 



Africa Outpost 

China - we stopped to see the acrobats. 

Heading back to Future World for Mission Space and Test Track 

 And the final view of the night on the way out. Perfect. 

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