Sunday, April 1, 2018

All Day Easter Celebration

Easter started off super early for Daryl and Loida out at the camp for a beautiful sunrise service. 


The boys and I got to church in time for the 8am service. The sanctuary looked beautiful and the music was awesome. 

9Thirty worship was a special treat as well. There was such a wonderful spirit running through the whole service. 

Then it was time for the last service of the day. 11am worship was full. What a blessing! 



After worship, it was time for pictures around the cross. We cleaned up pretty well! 

Home for a quick change of clothes and then Easter baskets!! 

We piled into the car and headed home to Seffner for lunch and to celebrate Parker's birthday. 


He requested a Gator Hat - this was Uncle Daniel's April Fool's Joke before Parker got the real thing.

We celebrated Uncle Nam's birthday too! 

The cousins still did their Easter Egg Hunt - Grandmommy decided to hide money in the eggs this year instead of candy.

Here's a few more family pictures from the day. 

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