Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Visit to Franklin

We spent a rainy Tuesday over in Franklin North Carolina - northwest about 30 miles and an hour's drive. We parked and spent a little bit of time walking through downtown and a little bit of shopping. 

All the downtown trash cans had pieces of art on the sides. 

Then we headed to the town's movie theater to see Han Solo! The theater had four screens and we all certainly enjoyed the newest installment of the Star Wars saga. 

Then we visited an indoor play space for the kids called "The Factory." Parker had actually been here a few years ago with Boy Scouts during one of their trips up to nearby Camp Rainey Mountain. 

First, the boys spent an hour in the Jump Factory. 

Here's a few videos of Wesley's antics and awesome flips. 

Parker dunking on the basketball jumps. 

And a video of Davis jumping. 

This was a triple jump with all the brothers! 

Then the guys played some laser tag!!! Parker came out on top with the highest score. 

While they played, I wandered around and explored some of the other scenery inside. 

This railroad car was inside their pizza restaurant. 

We had a few dollars left on our fun card, so the boys got in a few arcade games as well. 

On the way back home we drove past several of the waterfalls we saw on last year's visit. But there has been SO much rain lately that all the rivers are swollen and the waterfalls were much more full than in previous visits.

Lower Calasaja Falls

Upper Calasaja Falls

When we got home, we grabbed pizza and wings from the Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company and called it a night! 

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