Sunday, January 6, 2019

Day Four in DC

Monday was another rainy one but the plan was to spend the whole day inside at three different Smithsonians so it worked out okay. We got off the Metro at Federal Triangle and walked a couple of blocks over to start at the Museum of American History. 

Museum of American History 

The Batmobile

Since we didn't get to see inside the White House it was nice to tour these exhibits about First Ladies, White House china and the Presidents.

Voting Rights, Ballot boxes and some of the first women in the military 

Apologizing for putting the Japanese in camps during WW2
Clara Barton's ambulance

Woolworth counter from a Civil Rights protest 

Demonstrating an old record player for kids

It made me feel old to see my childhood computer on display. 

My grandparents had a table like this in their kitchen for most of my life. 
Museum of Natural History 

The Hope Diamond

A display on diseases and how they spread was pretty interesting to the kids. 

Bones, bones and more bones 


The Hall of Oceans 

Other animals

Walking across the mall we saw the Smithsonian Castle 

The Museum of Air and Space 

Wesley's souvenir from Air and Space was a big hit on the subway. 

And Davis got a mummy astronaut keychain! 
We went back to Dupont Circle and had dinner at Bareburger. They had an awesome vegan burger for me wrapped in collard greens and also had a vegan shake. Everyone else loved their burgers and shakes too.

And we finished up New Year's Eve with the boys at the movies! We took them back to Chinatown to this huge theater next to the Capitol One Center and watched Aquaman! 

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