Friday, February 15, 2019

Flaming Arrows

Tuesday evening was Wesley's crossover event marking the change from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts for him and three of his buddies from Webelos. Here's our three Scouts all spiffed up before the event.

We met out by Fountain Lake on some property owned by a family that is involved with Scouts. Parker's troop had been out there the night before to create the bridge.

When it was Wesley's turn he went forward and got the opportunity to pass one last test as a Cub Scout - to shoot a flaming arrow into the lake! How cool! He did great. Then the Troop Leader Rob Parish invited them across the bridge to Boy Scouts.

Once they all made it across the bridge, they got to recite the Scout Oath for the first time as Boy Scouts. 

Here's Wesley and his three buddies getting congratulated after their crossover!

He earned his Arrow of Light and he is all official now! 

Afterwards we went out as a family to celebrate with dinner at Chili's - surrounded by all these handsome boys in their fancy Scout uniforms. They made a big impression on our waitress!

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