Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Forever Family Day!

Today marks six years since we walked into an office in Guangzhou, China and met our son Davis. 

In the past several years we have celebrated this occasion with special dinners out, or hanging out at Disney or even in the mountains of North Carolina on vacation. This year's celebration was definitely different - to start with the big boys are both away at camp in Georgia (Wesley at Boy Scout Camp and Parker on a mission trip in Atlanta with the youth group). Davis, Daryl and I spent the day inside Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. However, we are so incredibly thankful that Davis was feeling well enough to take a walk around the Pediatric Acute Care Unit and visit the playroom. He even got a visit from a therapy dog named Wiley who left some cool swag. 

Picking out a movie - Boss Baby! 
Baba won!

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