Saturday, July 13, 2019

Davis Surgery

Thursday afternoon Parker and I took Davis to Ocala for dental surgery. This was originally scheduled for next month in the middle of our beach vacation and fortunately they were able to move it up due to a cancellation.

Davis had a pretty major panic attack at the beginning at the office. Thankfully the pediatric anesthesiologist and the staff at Dr. Rozanski's office were super in helping him get settled. He ended up doing well in the actual surgery under sedation - it just took way longer than they anticipated.

They ended up doing two sealants on molars, extracting both of his upper eye teeth and doing two fillings (one small and one large one in a very hard to access location). He got a Frosty on the way home and then at home, all the soup and ice cream he could eat tonight! Fortunately he's doing well and doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain.

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