Saturday, November 9, 2019

Date Day in Eustis

Friday Daryl and I spent time for our date day in Eustis. We hiked Hidden Waters Preserve, which is protected by the Lake County Water Authority. That's because Lake Alfred is now inside a sinkhole that goes directly down into the aquifer under Florida. It was a very pretty unspoiled site in the middle of a neighborhood. We even ran across a gopher tortoise that was cruising along the trail pretty fast. 

After hiking we went into downtown Eustis on the water and had lunch at Crazy Gator's a fish place in a historic building next to the lake. The food was delicious!! And then we walked the boardwalk along the lake and saw all kinds of birds. So pretty!

We finished up our time downtown with a little shopping in one of my favorite stores - Peddlers Wagon, which is full to the brim of stuff to decorate your home for all the seasons of the year. But it's an especially amazing place when they have all their Christmas stuff out.

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