Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Davis Health Update

For the last two weeks Davis has been experiencing hives every single day. Random times, different places over his body - always very itchy and painful! Fortunately they go away with a dose of Benadryl but still its been such a problem. We went to the doctor on Monday morning. They did bloodwork in the office which came back with no sign of infection. Apparently the reason behind most hives is never found and hives have to last at least 6 weeks to be considered chronic, and we’re only on week 2. So he’s to take Zyrtec everyday for the next month and see how it goes and then take Benadryl if the hives reappear. And if it’s no better in a month, we’ll go see an allergist. Thankfully the Zyrtec has worked the last two nights! 

On Tuesday morning, Davis went back to the oral surgeon for a followup on his bone graft surgery. They removed his splint three days early to save us another trip. Still soft food through end of Friday and afterwards he needs to be careful for several more weeks to eat tiny bites and not try to tear food with his teeth. So another step forward. 

Thank you for your prayers and support! 

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