Monday, December 16, 2019

TSO Live!

Saturday night we got to fulfill a bucket list item and see TRans-Siberian Orchestra live in concert. Someone gave us a cd of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's first Christmas album - Christmas Eve and Other Stories - back in 2001 when we were just starting out in ministry. We listened to that album on cd in the car on the way home to Seffner after Christmas Eve worship. It became our time to worship each year - we'd lead worship services and then we would get in the car and listen to the old familiar Christmas carols and some new carols played by this amazing rock band/orchestra. 

Our friends the Cheshires took us to see TSO Live in Orlando this year and we are so grateful! We had dinner together in Orlando at Ford's Garage first and then headed over to Amway for the show. 

We had amazing seats and it was truly a spectacular show! They played for well over 2 hours, first doing their Christmas album that we love as a rock opera, complete with narrator tying all of the songs together. Then they took a small break to introduce folks and came back out to play another 45 minutes of their original music from several different albums. We've seen Elton John and Billy Joel in concert together and this concert was even better. It's simply hard to describe the atmosphere that they create and how much of a tremendous show that they put on. 

At one point in the second half of the show, two of the musicians came out and played and wandered through the arena. We got to fist bump with the guitarist who came out and walked right in front of us. They both paused to talk with people and even take pictures.

And here are some video clips to showcase the music, lasers, art and pyrotechnics. 

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