Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday in Quarantine

When five of the six parents (and a teenage son) are involved in Sunday worship, where do the other children go? Amy Hill has graciously wrangled the Allen and Landstedt kids at their parsonage for the last four weeks for Sunday school and church online. Today they made a really cool chalk cross on the driveway too! 

We had Easter lilies in the FLC and then in the sanctuary and Daryl put together the Easter cross. 

The boys got Amazon cards and Easter candy and cards from Grandmommy too! 

Easter dinner was ribs from the slow cooker, mashed potatoes along with tomatoes and okra. 

Parker prepped the ribs the night before for us to count for culinary class. 

And then a store-bought chocolate silk pie for the guys for dessert! 

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