Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day today with all of my guys. I preached for the two online services today and got my picture taken with the boys in the church garden. 

There were some great presents and a wonderful spaghetti lunch that Daryl made. 

Paper flowers made by Amy Hill out of Disney Park maps. 

The lyrics to one of my favorite worship songs on a t-shirt. 
Handmade dragon from Davis 
Handmade card from Davis 
We FaceTimed with Grandmommy in the afternoon and then we went out to PEAR Park in Leesburg for a hike. We went there for our Christmas pictures but just visited a small section near the garden. This time we hiked a 3 mile loop around the entire perimeter of the park. We were the only people out there and it was lovely. We finished up the day with treats from Sonic on the way home!

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