Friday, July 3, 2020

Davis Birthday Fun

Davis picked the first jalapeños from his pepper plants on his birthday! 

Since we had two tape two worship services on Thursday, Davis spent the day 
with his friend Tim, who bought him a Lego Star Wars set as a present. Tim's mom Amy 
made cupcakes with the kids to celebrate Davis' birthday! 

Later we FaceTimed with Grandmommy and she watched Davis open his present from her - a cool new Wii remote all his own! 

Then Davis got to open the rest of his presents. From Aunt Dawn and Uncle Daniel and the cousins, 20 feet of LED lights to get strung around his bunk bed to give light to his desk and dresser. 

And from Mama and Baba and the brothers - new flip flops, a cool mug that you can build Legos on, and a Baby Yoda doll. 

It's so hard to believe that he is 10 - all of our kids are double digits now! 
Happy Birthday Davis! 

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