Monday, August 24, 2020

Gardening Therapy

Saturday was one of those days that sucked on a few different levels. We were originally going to down in the morning to visit Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales and have a picnic, but Davis woke up feeling icky and so we stayed home. Then we were driving in the car at noon to head to Lake Wales to pick up our new family dog (a corgi, I've wanted one for over 25 years), and the family called us and backed out of the deal. So, we all came home in a grumpy wallowing kind of mood. I eventually ended up outside and did garden therapy. 

The new plants I picked up from Dirty Dog Organics yesterday. The succulent is staying in the kitchen. 

I've cut down and composted most of the sunflowers. Just have two big root balls left to dig up. Broccoli is in the ground with the spinach in pots (for now). 

Yellow crookneck squash in between the lima beans, green beans and okra. 

Four new jalapeƱo plants in the shade of the okra. 

Waiting to see how it all takes and grows. 

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