Friday, September 11, 2020

Maiden Voyage

Our new toy loaded up and ready to go for its maiden voyage. 


This morning we drove down to Clermont for Crooked River Preserve. We went hiking with the boys here over the summer. The canoe launch is in the middle of the 1 mile Crooked River that connects Lake Susan to the north and Lake Louisa to the south. We put in and went up to explore Lake Susan and then back down the river almost to the Lake Louisa end and back to the canoe launch. It was great. We only saw one other water craft out (on the other side of the lake) and there were lots of turtles, birds, fish and even a couple  of cows! We found our first turtle in the parking lot next to our car.

We'll be back again at some point. That is a chain of 13 different connected lakes throughout Clermont, so lots left to explore. Back home again and the kayak stored away in our garage! 

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