Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Cross Country Week 2

Its a super short season without the usual weeks of prep beforehand. I think Wesley is realizing just how much he should have conditioned over the summer to be ready for cross country. He's a little slower this year than last, but also I don't think he has quite found his stride yet in this new body - he's about four inches taller than he was last year when he was running fast! 

He missed his first meet last week because of sore knees, so painful he was limping around the house for a few days. But he made it to his meet this past Monday at Eustis Middle School. Baba went with him to the meet. Wesley ran it in 20:53. 

We're super proud of him still getting out there to run and be part of a team, even in this pandemic and with virtual school. Next week he has two meets - Monday and Wednesday. 

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