Saturday, October 3, 2020

Kayaking on Lake Griffin

Friday we took off for a kayaking trip close to home on Lake Griffin. We put in at Lake Griffin State Park and went through the winding canals in the park, under the bridge that takes you to Picciola Island and then out to the edge of the lake, where we could see the UMC's Life Enrichment Center ahead of us. 

We took Caspian with us because the breeder had told us he loved to swim and be on the water. We ordered this cute little life jacket and he had a great time hanging out. He kept trying to get his snout in the water and he jumped in the water twice to swim while we were trying to dock the canoe!  

Lake Griffin has a lot of gators. While we could hear them on the banks of the canal, we didn't actually see one until we were on our return trip. Fortunately he wasn't big and stayed close to the shore. 

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