Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Speech Therapy Evaluation

Wednesday we went to the Craniofacial Clinic office to meet with the speech therapist for a resonance evaluation. This was a speech evaluation in three parts. The last part involved Davis speaking and being recorded with this microphone. There was a microphone by his nose to measure the air coming out there when  he talked; and a microphone by his mouth to measure the air coming out there. His hyper nasality has improved since his tonsils were removed which is the opposite of what they thought would happen. But his tonsils were SO enlarged they were actually pulling his soft palate forward and not allowing it to close. For right now, they aren't recommending a surgery - just some speech therapy to work on making sure his S sounds come out his mouth and not his nose. We'll go back to see all the folks on the Craniofacial team in February and he'll have a nasal endoscopy that day to put a camera in his nose to measure more about when he talks. 

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