Sunday, January 3, 2021

Staycation Part Five

I have such fond memories of Bok Tower and Gardens from childhood and as an adult I have participated in and led numerous clergy retreats in their conference spaces. We took the opportunity to introduce the boys to Bok Tower this week while on our staycation. We stopped at Publix and Subway a few miles away to pick up lunch and then set up space at one of the picnic areas off their parking lot. We got there in time to hear the 1pm bell tower concert of Christmas carols during our lunch. Then we explored the tower and the garden and grounds. We laid down on the grass and took a little rest (almost nap) under the trees on the ridge. It was beautiful and the boys were impressed. We walked down to Pinewood Estate too (it's not open for tours right now because of the pandemic) and strolled through the newer Children's Garden as well. We heard the 3pm concert while exploring. It was a very peaceful way to ring in the New Year. 

Davis loved these trees covered in origami! 

Mockups of the tower and an older version of the instrument used to play the bells inside the tower. 

The tower was built by Edward Bok from 1927-1929. Bok died in 1930 and is buried on the Tower's island in front of the golden door. He had moved here as a child from the Netherlands and became a famous publisher (Ladies Home Journal and others). He bought the grounds and commissioned the garden and the tower as a gift to the American people. 

View from the grass as we laid down to relax.

And this is the "kitchen garden" near their outdoor dining area that can be rented out for parties - we've had our group meals catered here when we've come in the past with the conference. 

We made one last stop before leaving Lake Wales - Spook Hill. And yes the car rolled up the hill backwards. 

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