Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Super Bowl Party

Since we've basically been quarantining with the Tribe for almost a year now, our Super Bowl party included them as well. They went the extra mile on some amazing food that I could eat - ribs, wings and cupcakes that were all Debbie safe. I decided to make things special for Daryl and the boys, since the last time the Bucs won a Super Bowl we did not have any children! They've grown up hearing the stories of the Bucs glory days. I ordered decorations from Oriental Trading including pirate beads in Bucs colors and souvenir cups for everyone. And of course the Bucs showed off and gave us a lovely lopsided game in which they not only defeated the Chiefs, but held their offense to zero touchdowns! It was a definitely a celebratory evening at our house. My hearing might not completely come back for another few days, though! 

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