Monday, April 5, 2021

Disney Easter

Friday the guys watched Godzilla and Kong movies at the house, with Jenn and the kids, and Amy and I set off to Disney to find Easter Eggs. We didn't get to do this last year because of Covid, and there weren't as many hotels as usual participating, but we had fun. 

We started out at Hollywood Studios in their parking lot and rode the Skyliner to the International Gateway at Epcot. From there we walked a few minutes to the Beach Club hotel lobby for the first eggs. 

Fox and the Hound 

The Princess and the Frog 

Little Mermaid with Ursula on the back


Then we walked next door to the Yacht Club Lobby for some more. 


Mice from Cinderella in teacups

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan 

Then we walked over to Boardwalk and found a real bunny along the way. 

Boardwalk took a different approach with lots of smaller Easter Eggs and 
some hidden Mickeys in their display. 

We took a boat back from the Boardwalk Inn to the Studios for the car and parked at Disney Springs. 
Then we walked around over to Saratoga Springs Resort on the other side of the water from the Springs. In their lobby they had three eggs and another in a nearby restaurant. You could vote for which cast member's handiwork you liked best on the eggs. 


From there we took a bus back to Disney Springs and drove home. 

We had a really good time hanging out together! 

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