Monday, August 23, 2021

Bedroom Renovation

 We redid Wesley and Davis' bedroom in 2019 to give them more floor space - each of the boys got a loft beds and then we put dressers and desks underneath. 

And then Wesley grew. And grew some more. Which means that he doesn't really fit into a loft bed anymore. He kept hitting his head on the ceiling. And he couldn't sit comfortably at his desk either. So we have redone the boys room again. We bought a frame and now Wesley will be on the bottom bunk. We've moved the desks onto the same wall and got newer smaller dressers to go in the closet. The small expedit from the closet went into the living room for backpacks and the small bench from the living room went into their room under the window for legos. Everything is back up on the wall and this room is DONE. 

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