Saturday, August 28, 2021

Date Day - Week 3

Friday we dropped the kids off at school and went kayaking. We drove down to Apopka and went on the Emerald Cut of the Wekiva River. We put in at King's Landing next to Kelly Park and kayaked for almost an hour upstream to Rock Springs. We couldn't go into the springs and Kelly Park - they built a bridge and blocked it off. But the downstream drift in the current was wonderful - 30 minutes back and we barely had to paddle, just steer. Didn't take any pictures on the way up, just on the way back. Scenery was gorgeous too - very unspoiled. The depth was never more than about four feet - so no gators in this section, just turtles a few small fish and birds. We'll definitely be back to do this one again. 

First blue dot is where we started and finished at King's Landing. 

This blue dot is where the turnaround was by Rock Springs. 


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