Saturday, August 14, 2021

First Day of School

Tuesday was the first day of school for all of the boys. They did online school for the last nine weeks of the 2019-2020 school year and all of the 2020-2021 school year through Lake County Virtual School. So this was the first time to be in person with school since spring break 2020 (mid-March) or sixteen months. They're all wearing double masks at school - we're nervous about Davis being unvaccinated but it was the right decision for our family to send them back. With both of us working full-time, we just didn't have the ability to really help them thrive with school for another year. 

Davis started sixth grade at Carver Middle School. 

Wesley is a big man on campus starting 8th grade at Carver Middle School. 

Our middle school boys! It seems so weird not to have any more kids in elementary school. Wesley walked Davis to his homeroom classroom because we weren't able to go to Meet the Teacher night. 

And then there is Parker, our senior in high school. He only needs four credits to graduate. So.....
He drives himself to Leesburg High School five days a week for two hours (10:30am-12:30pm) for culinary class. He's excited to be back with Chef Bell and this means that he will get to work in the Yellow Jacket Cafe over lunch as well. 

In addition Parker has PE through the high school as an online class. And starting at the end of the month he will be taking two classes through Lake Sumter State College with dual enrollment for English (in person two days a week) and Macroeconomics (online). And if that wasn't enough, he got a checking account and a job this week too! Starting next week Parker will be a counselor for Warren Willis United Methodist Camp and Conference Center working with their After School Adventures program three days a week in the afternoons.

Lots of big exciting things for our boys for this year and we are praying for their health and protection every day! 


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