Monday, September 6, 2021

Beach and Tourist Time

We decided to make the Flagler trip a little getaway, since none of the boys had school last Friday. So we rented a small beach house one block off St. Augustine Beach for two nights and drove up after work and school on Thursday. Boy were we surprised when we got to the house! The pictures had looked good, but this place was so much nicer than even the pictures and it had everything you could think of or possibly need already stocked - you really only need to bring clothes and food - they even had snacks and water out on the counter!

Living Room 

Kitchen and Dining Room 

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Second Bedroom and Bathroom 

These giant stuffed animals were in the wicker basket in the kids' bedroom. Davis LOVED the turtle! 

Back Porch (there were four kayaks and four paddle boards on the fence!) 

Garage FULL of beach toys and accessories

After dropping off all of our stuff, Daryl Wesley and I went to explore the nearby beach. Less than a half a mile from the driveway to the sand. 

After Fridays tour, we grabbed Wendys' takeout for lunch and then took the beach bikes out for a spin. We went up to the fishing pier which is about 1.5 from the house and back again. So fun!!!!! Davis enjoyed riding the tandem bike with Baba. 

In the late afternoon our friends the Wrights came to visit. We haven't seen the Wrights since November of 2018 because of life and Covid. That means our goddaughter Isadora has really grown up - she's a first grader now. We had a good time hanging out together. After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. 

Wiped out after a day of fun and sun. 

And I got in some relaxing time - winding down on the back porch. 

Saturday  we checked out and spent time playing tourist downtown. We've all been to St. Augustine several times (the kids did 4th grade field trips here). Such a fun and beautiful city. 

Baba and Davis had so much fun tasting hot sauces at the Pepper Palace and 
brought a few new ones home. 

As many times as we've been here, we've never noticed the Greek Shrine before. We went inside and it was gorgeous. 

Parker wanted to show off Ponce to his brothers as well. 

We stopped at Hyppo Popsicles for some special treats. 
Love these popsicles and they have several that I can eat. 

Street performer - so cool! 

Our last stop before heading home was lunch - we drove back over the bridge to find a taco place a friend had recommended. Osprey Tacos is a little hole in the wall with only outdoor seating. And there was a line on the road to get into their parking lot! Delicious! 

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