Sunday, November 7, 2021

College Bound

Parker sent off 6 college applications two weeks ago. He received two acceptance notices over the weekend. First an email from Florida Southern College in Lakeland! They have invited him to apply for their Honors Program as well, which is reserved for the top 10% of the incoming freshman class. 

And then he opened a big envelope from the mail. Another acceptance from Flagler College in St. Augustine. That surprised face is because he qualified for a Presidential Merit Scholarship from the school. 

These are his top two schools so any other acceptance letters now are icing on the cake. 
Big decision ahead - Go Mocs! or Go Saints! 

Edited later to add - He received his official acceptance package in the mail from Florida Southern on Monday night. He is a recipient of the Pfeiffer scholarship for $22,000 a year and has been invited to apply for another scholarship that could be a full ride! 


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