Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Covid Vaccine #1

On Sunday afternoon, Davis got his first Covid vaccine dose. Since things got approved last week we have been trying to find him a shot here in Lake County. Our pediatrician's office didn't get any. Publix didn't order any, even though they let you make reservations online; he was supposed to get one there on Saturday but they cancelled. There was a Walgreens in Sumter County between the Villages and Wildwood that got the doses and so we made an appointment online and drove up there. They asked Davis to sit like this on Daryl's lap and wanted him to turn his face away from the shot. But our boy is fascinated by shots (and blood draws) so he twisted and turned so he could watch. They gave him a lollipop, a sticker, some crayons and a couple of colorings sheets. 

But he was most excited about the shot. Look at that happy face! 


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