Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween 2021

The boys got cool Halloween cards and gifts from Grandmommy! 

Sunday night the church put on Trunk or Treat again. We had a steady stream of over 1,500 people for two hours and they got to stop at 34 different trunks including a huge pirate ship from the Afterschool Adventures Program at Warren Willis Camp. 

We decorated Parker's car as a second trunk and I sat there most of the night. 

Our main car and theme for the year - Bucs Fans! 
This way Daryl got to watch the game and be at Trunk or Treat! 

The cars all getting lined up and ready for the kids. 

We were right next to the giant pirate ship! 

A huge thank you goes out to these two - Carole and Cecil Clausen. They are church members who organized a HUGE candy drive in their Village of Gilchrist to help support tonight. We had SO much candy thanks to them and their very generous neighbors. 

Part of the boy's haul of candy at home - sorting through it and divvying it up. 


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