Saturday, November 13, 2021

Science Fair - Again - Times Two!

We used the school holiday for Veteran's Day to work on middle school science fair projects. 

First up, Davis. He was popping 9 bags of popcorn (3 from 3 different brands) to see which brand had the fewest unpeopled kernels. We had his friend Tim over to hang out during the project and to help eat the popcorn!

Pop Secret was the winner, with Orville Redenbacher in second place and 
the generic Winn Dixie brand in third place. 

The dogs were especially interested in the project too and hopeful for popcorn spills! 

Then we went to the church to work on Wesley's project. His was on testing the infect of different air pressures inside a soccer ball to see how it affected the distance the ball will travel. Thankfully the UMW had set up the parking lot already for their Treasure and Trunk Sale on Saturday - and had spray painted these orange lines in the lot 15 feet apart. That helped a ton with measuring. Wesley kicked 5 balls at the regular inflated pressure (5lbs) and then repeated that with an under inflated ball (3lbs) and an overinflated ball (7lbs). 

Both projects went better and faster than these things usually do which was nice. They still have to enter their data before the end of the month (Wesley on a board and Davis into slides on the computer) but at least the actual experiments are done now. 


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