Tuesday, December 14, 2021

75th Anniversary

This past Sunday we went back to Tice in Fort Myers for their 75th Anniversary celebration. We were invited to co-preach and it was a lovely day of worship. It was great to reminisce with folks we had not seen in years and to meet new friends who've joined in the years since. We enjoyed a lovely lunch out on the lawn under the trees afterwards and Ernest made sure I had something to eat that was safe for me. 

After worship was over we got a few pictures with some folks including some of our original youth group: Brittany, Bryan, Erica, and Lindsay. The girls were all in 10th grade when we arrived in 2001 and Bryan was in 8th grade. 

Lunch was fun outside under the trees! 

My safe lunch :-) 

Davi's chicken with the good sauce and butter on the potatoes. 

The old pastor's wall is still up in the hallway 

Daryl with Rick Blaney - who wore a bowtie in Daryl's honor! 

Wayne and Barbara Welch have been snowbirds to Tice for 20 years - 
they started the same year that we arrived! 

Daryl and Ernest - these two were always good trouble together!!! 

And another great part about our trip? We got to spend Saturday night at Christy's house in Fort Myers and she came with us to be part of worship. Tice is one of her ministry partners for the Gulf Coast Wesley ministry that Christy leads. She wrangled kids for us too! 


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