Saturday, January 8, 2022

No Santa or Tooth Fairy

Yes, that’s a child’s tooth on our countertop, next to my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
Backstory: After Thanksgiving we told Davis that the Elf on the Shelf was fake and that Santa Claus wasn’t real. He is 11.5yo and was asking questions anyway, and I just couldn’t face ONE MORE YEAR of trying to set an alarm and remember to hide the elf at night (and change its outfits). Rather than this news destroying his innocence, Davis promptly made the Elf on the Shelf his buddy, and carted him all over the house now that he could touch him without fear of it making the elf’s “magic” disappear. Some days all of the boys took turns hiding the elf for their brothers to find. Yay, all is well.
Back to the tooth. It does appear though that Davis’ belief in Santa Claus was directly tied to his belief in the Tooth Fairy. On Christmas Eve as he was getting his shower to get ready for church, Davis started screaming from the bathroom to get my attention. I walked in and he very calmly handed me this tooth: “It was loose and I pulled it out,” he said. No tears. That’s a big big deal for our cleft kiddo with oral aversions. For some reason I tossed it on the kitchen counter and we went on with trying to get out the door for Christmas Eve worship. He’s never asked about tooth fairy money for this tooth, and I had quite honestly forgotten he had even lost a tooth until I saw the tooth on the counter while making dinner Thursday night this past week. Almost two weeks later.

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