Sunday, February 27, 2022

Date Day and Family Fun Day

Daryl and I started off our day at a remote spot in Leesburg on the east side of Lake Griffin. The Esmerelda Marsh Wildlife Drive is only open between mid-February and mid-May each year. We drove almost five miles through the conservation area. It is the very definition of pure old Florida. 

Then we drove a little ways north to Umatilla to Sawgrass Island Preserve on the shore of Lake Yale. We did 3 miles of hiking through the woods and it was so quiet and pretty. Lots of warnings about bears and while we saw signs of them we did not encounter any. 

Once the boys were home from school and work, we loaded everyone up in the car and drove down to Disney. Our reservations were for Epcot, so we had to scan our bands there first - and then we headed over to Magic Kingdom. We walked into MK a few minutes after the 9pm fireworks. That helped clear people out and we were able to ride three rides in less than an hour - Peoplemover, Haunted Mansion and also Thunder Mountain. As long as you are in line before 10pm, they honor whoever is in the line for the ride. We walked into Thunder Mountain's line at 9:55pm. Lots of silly fun - and we stopped for dinner at Wendy's at midnight on the way home! 


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