Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Road Trippin - Part Two

After the College Football Hall of Fame, we walked around Centennial Park for a while.  

As we were headed back to the apartment for lunch, we drove past the front of the stadium and Parker got to see the giant Falcon! 

The tiny little alley way to get to our apartment parking lot made coming and going just a little bit more challenging. And the tiny parking spaces were interesting too. 

Later that afternoon it was time for the real reason we were in Atlanta; the marriage of my cousin Russ’ daughter Anna, to her longtime beau Mathew Keller. 
It was the first time in probably 25 years that all five of Helen Washburn’s grandchildren had been in the same room and it was a wonderful reunion. 

Here we are, the cousins. From right to left in age order, Russell Clark, Bob Clark, Randy Clark, me and Paul Perry. We range from 56 to 42. 

Our moms were sisters. Right to left is Paul’s mom Helen, Russ/Bob/Randy’s mom Nancy, and my mom Ellen. 

And here are the children of the cousins. 10 of the 12, we’re just missing Davis and Wesley. The bride is the oldest at 27, and the youngest was the flower girl at 6. 

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