Thursday, March 3, 2022

Back to Lakeland

I spent the week in Lakeland for Cabinet meetings again this week. Here's a few scenes of things I can show you and talk about! 

I walked the labryinth at Barnett Family Park again downtown. 

I found a cool labyrinth sticker for my laptop for when I can't make it to an actual one. 

We stayed in a hotel that we used to stay in years ago for Annual Conference with the boys. This room felt a lot more palatial when we weren't trying to cram three kids on a sofa bed to sleep!

I found time at night to use the stationary bike in the gym downstairs. 

On a break one afternoon, I also found a cool store in Lakeland that has lots of Disney things for resale - like furniture from Disney hotels that have been redone and overstock from park gift shops and even cast costumes and other trinkets for sale. 

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